al. 3 Maja 1, Kraków

European painting, including the famous Leonardo da Vinci’s „Lady with the Ermine” and Rembrandt’s „Landscape with the Good Samaritan”. The National Museum occupies several buildings. The first floor of the Cloth Hall shelters an exhibition of Polish 19th century painting and sculpture, including works of the famous Cracow painter Jan Matejko. Arranged in Matejko’s birthplace (ul. Floriańska 41) is a display of his sketches and drawings, as well as antique folk costumes and handicraft items from his collection. The Szołayski Museum (pl. Szczepański 9) has an exhibition of Polish 14th -19th century art, medieval religious art and a collection of Polish painting and sculpture from various periods since 1890. In the Czartoryski Museum (ul. Św. Jana 19) are some precious examples of European painting with the famous Lady with an Ermine by Leonardo da Vinci. The National Museum (Al. Trzeciego Maja 1) has some Polish 20th century art on view, including works by Stanisław Wyspiański and Tadeusz Kantor.