Narodowy Instytut Frederyka Chopina
pl. Piłsudskiego 9, 00- 078 Warszawa

International Chopin Piano Competition is held every 5 years in Warsaw at National Philharmonic, the nearest is scheduled for the fall of 2010. A gateway to fame for prize winners.

The International Frederick Chopin Piano Competition is one of the oldest events of its type in the world, and enjoys great prestige and universal renown. In the seventy years of its existence, the competition has evolved and transformed itself, altered and improved its form, and created its own extensive tradition. The initiator of the Frederick Chopin Piano Competition was Prof. Jerzy Zurawlew (1887-1980), an outstanding Polish pianist, teacher and composer. The first Chopin Competition took place on 23-30 January 1927 in the concert hall of the Warsaw Philharmonic. The next Competitions in 1932 and 1937 were also held there, at a five year interval, in accordance with the rules of the organisers. The 1942 Competition was not held owing to the Second World War, and the Competition could not be continued until several years after the war. The first post-war and the fourth International Frederick Chopin Competition took place in 1949, in the “Roma” concert hall, which is still standing in Nowogrodzka Str., the temporary home of the Warsaw Philharmonic and the Opera.