Rynek Główny 34, Kraków

Those who know HAWEŁKA know also where to find the tastiest web address. To whom HAWEŁKA remains still unknown, those are at the beginning of a wonderful adventure, a travel into a new dimension where taste is the king.

The Restaurants belonging to HAWEŁKA Group are the symbol of a culinary art at its best. Synonym of delicious cuisine famous in Old and New World. The HAWEŁKA Group Restaurants inherited the legend beyond the name of Antoni HAWEŁKA – the keeper of the restaurant. The legend of an exceptional talent, who discovered the greatest secrets of the cuisine. Those who once tasted dishes based on recipes of master Antoni – do not shout ‘EUREKA’ anymore. Only HAWEŁKA!

Full review of the culinary art of Rzeczpospolita (Respublica). Starting with home-made delicacies which people living in the country used to prepare, by plenty of dishes served in the nobility manors up to refinement, sophistication and elegance of the magnates’ palaces. The Restaurants of the HAWEŁKA Group – this is the essence of the best traditions of Old Polish cuisine.
Satisfaction of our Dear Guests is our top priority. Our motto is – delicious victuals, priced reasonably.