In Lancuct (Łańcut), to the east of Rzeszów, stands one of the country’s most important magnate residences. The two-storey construction with a courtyard was built in the late 16th century and the magnificent park in the 17th . Its interiors are lavishly furnished and decorated with paintings. Among the buildings in the park are the orangery and a Romantic little castle. The old stable and coach-house buildings are given over to the museum of carriages, containing one of the most exquisite collections of carriages and stagecoaches.
The castle, once the seat of the Lubomirski and Potocki families, is an early Baroque building (1629-1641) designed by M. Trapoli. It contains stucco decorations by J.B. Falconi and spires by Tylman of Gameren. Later extended by P. Aigner who added a second floor and another wing. The palace complex includes historical monuments: the orangery (1800), the romantic little castle (1800), the bastions (1629-1641), the landscape park (18th-20th centuries). In 1944 the furnishings were sent abroad by the palace’s last proprietor Alfred Potocki. It is a venue for the festival The Music in the Lancut Castle. Outside the palace complex: the church of St Stanislaus (15th century), the Dominican monastery (15th century) and the cloister of the Sisters of Mercy of St Borromeo (18th century).