This water trail is ideal for those who enjoy peaceful and quiet surroundings of unspoilt nature. It meanders near reserves of cormorants and grey heron and passes by coniferous forests which are home to peregrine falcon. The Brda is considered one of Europe’ s most attractive kayaking routes thanks to its scenic landscape, frequent rapids, winding courses, crystal-clear water, and clean air. The Brda waterway runs through the Bory Tucholskie National Park. Those who are fond of wilderness may start their trip from Nowa Brda. Charzykowy on Lake Charzykowskie and Swornegacie on Lake Witoczno are two other convenient starting points. The latter of the two trails is suitable for beginners and takes them for a trip of 83 km from Sworengacie to Gostycyn-Nogawicaon Lake Koronowskie. This six-day route is divided into smaller legs ranging from 7 to 21 km. It runs along the Brda with one of its rapids and through a lake. There is a possibility of continuing the trip via Lake Koronowskie to Bydgoszcz and even farther on to the Vistula. Kayaks can be rented from waterside rental centres at Swornegacie and Charzykowy. They can also be transferred to Nowa Brda. The PTTK branch “Szlak Brdy” has prepared a few different trips options along the Brda, including shorter ones (2-4 days) and longer ones (14 days). If you turn to them for handling the organisation of your trip, they will provide kayaks, guide’ s assistance, overnights in waterside hostels and on bivouac sites, meals and insurance. The Brda route is available at different seasons, also in winter time.