The Bieszczady are among the least populated mountainous areas in Europe. People live here in but a few villages and small towns. Settlements are separated from each other by vast areas of wilderness: gently undulating mountains and high mountain mead-ows know as połoniny. Lake Solina brings a change in scenery – a large sailing centre, with tourist trails leading hikers through beech forests and hilltops, past lonely Eastern Orthodox wooden churches and small country cemeteries shaded by linden trees. Today, the mountains welcome nature lovers and tourists who often ride along the Bieszczady on horseback.

The eastern part of the Beskids is called Bieszczady. The most unique areas of Bieszczady are enclosed within the Bieszczady National Park which itself is a part of the International Biosphere Reserve located in the Eastern Carpathians. The highest summits slightly exceed 1300 metres. Here the river San, a tributary of the Vistula, has its springs. The region is among the most scarcely populated areas of Poland. Its rich fauna includes wolf, bear and various snakes. The area offers some great hikes and bike rides. Rides on horses of the characteristic local breed (hucuły) are available in Polana, Rabe, Wołosate and a few other places. In winter there are good conditions for skiing contests and in summer the Lake Solina welcomes sailors and windsurfers.